Best Details Available for the Perfect Online Account Support

The URL is the address of a website. When you make an online payment, it must start with “https: //”. This means that the website is secure. In addition, your browser must indicate to you, by means of a symbol in the form of padlock, that the security is well established between your computer and the site which you consult. If you have a doubt about the site that asks for your bank details, it is better to turn around.

Make your purchases only on your personal computer – This advice is a priori obvious, but it is important to remember it: you are about to transmit sensitive data, such as your credit card number or your personal address. It is therefore inadvisable to use a public computer, or even a friend’s computer. It would be enough then that malicious software is installed so that your private data is recovered by cybercriminals. For viewing your account balance this is the best deal available now.

Use a secure browser, the ideal tool to protect your data – Even if the site you are about to pay seems reliable and you use a secure network, it is possible that hackers can bypass security for steal your blue card number. The ideal is to use a secure browser, like the one included in the ESET Internet Security® solution. With this tool, your data is encrypted directly between the keyboard and the browser, which prevents any possibility of recovery of your banking data.

Privilege private networks – Public networks must, in essence, be easily accessible: this is why they are most often deprived of any protection. It is therefore easy to understand why it is better not to use this type of network to make an online purchase. A hacker could easily access your computer and what you do there, and thus easily steal your credit card number.

Avoid saving your data online, or protect it effectively – More and more websites are offering you to register your credit card number in your account, so you do not have to enter it again at every purchase. This is a very handy feature – especially on sites you often buy, but be careful: access to your account must be protected by a strong password to prevent this data is easily recoverable by cybercriminals.

How To Create An Effective Password

  • Prefer a long password (minimum 8 characters), or even a “passphrase”, to increase the number of characters without complicating the memorization
  • Add special characters, but avoid overriding substitutions, such as @ to replace an A
  • Avoid using dictionary words or obvious passwords such as 123456, password, etc.
  • Change your passwords regularly, and do not hesitate to use a different one for each account.

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